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I was a professional Chef for 17 years. A  Meat Cutter and Seafood Guru for an upscale grocery store in Milwaukee WI. Now I am the Meat Manager/ Head Butcher for Standard Market in Westmont IL.

I am a member of the Butchers Guild and a Master Sausage Maker so a lot of my recipes are going to Meat Related.

This recipe blog is in response to my friends on Twitter, Plurk, and Facebook asking me for recipes for the meals I was posting on the sites

I research recipes that people ask for and then post them here

Ask me about anything!!!

I am a certified Master Pastry Chef, Certified Chef, Meat Cutter, Seafood Expert, and master Sausage Maker

I taught a cooking class called Seafood University also and have posted some of the thousands of recipes I taught here also.

I am also a Scout Leader, Father to Two wonderful kids, and a husband to my wonderful wife

I hope you try them all and enjoy them. If you do please leave a comment

Happy Cooking and even Happier Eating



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  1. great blog!

  2. Lookin’ good! 😉


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